Say What? Wednesday

Say What? Wednesday

A few random things for today.

First was this funny Valentine that my friend Mom at the Meat Counter posted! I sent it to my husband. She’s great, and if you have any meat-related questions, she’s your gal.

The next Say What? is ridiculous. An account I used to follow on Instagram posted it on Valentine’s Day. If you know my family, you know we are affected by Alzheimer’s.  I couldn’t believe they considered this a joke, and even hashtagged it #bellylaugh.  Um, no.  Forgetting your loved ones isn’t a Valentine sentiment, nor is it funny.

I have reached out to them via a comment and a DM, and haven’t gotten a response.

The last Say What? Is this ridiculousness on our local online garage sale site.

It’s a crystal bikini! First off, what is this for? Do you wear it OVER a regular bikini? Is it lingerie? I can’t image wearing it on bare skin, talk about some scratches!  And….it’s $400!!

Say What?


What ridiculous or funny things have you seen lately?  Anything make you say, “Say what?”


  1. The stuff you can find on craigslist, I tell ya…

  2. mmmMm…The Pick Your Plum post was definitely distasteful. I’m thinking the bikini might be appropriate for the French Riviera? hahaha. Thanks for the chuckle this morning!

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