Saying Goodbye to Mikey

Saying Goodbye to Mikey

We said goodbye to our first baby, Mikey. Our sweet boy had lost his vision and his hearing. He was really anxious all the time and startled so easily when we went to pet him or help him outside. It was time.

It was a hard choice to make, and goodness we will miss him.

He was a good puppers. We’ve had him for 10.5 years- almost our entire marriage. He was so playful and spunky. He loved his little owl toy, Hootie. He loved playing in deep snow. He LOVED saltines and tortilla chips – which we gladly fed him all he could stand his last night with us.

He saw us through building our home, running Tyler’s shop (he used to go to work with him every day!), bringing home Pippin, bringing home Remi….he’s been there through it all. There’s a paw sized hole in our hearts, but we know he’s running free over the rainbow bridge.

The night he passed, Remi prayed “God, please take care of Mikey. Give him food and water and treats. And let him outside so he doesn’t go potty at your place.” Sweet girl. Yes and Amen.

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