Second Batch of Cold Process Soap

Second Batch of Cold Process Soap

I enjoyed my first foray into soap making, so I bought some more supplies to try again. I decided to try a new recipe, and while it didn’t quite go as planned, it was great.

I was attempting a drop swirl, but my colors got too thick too fast (they accelerated, in soap speak), so I ended up with layers. Well, I knew the layers weren’t even, so I wanted to do a little something in the layers to make it look on purpose.

So I tried to do a hanger swirl, but I couldn’t get a wire hanger unwrapped quick enough, so I swirled the hook as best I could.

I couldn’t wait to let it cure so I could cut it. Not bad for an accident!

This batch smells like Love Spell from Victoria’s Secret. Now it will cure for 4-6 weeks until it’s ready to use!

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