See that?!

If you are visiting my blog on you phone, you won’t see it.
If you are reading in GoogleReader, you won’t see it.
But, if you are on your computer and here at the blog….look to the side.  See that?!  My MyFitnessPal tracker?  What does it say?  10 pounds lost?  AHHH!!
 (for those of you viewing on your phone or reader, allow me to show you…)
I am so proud!  Not only did I earn my pedicure (hello cute toes!  I’ll get one this weekend!), but I am losing this weight the right way!  On my own…just eating right and moving more. 
People are starting to notice my weight loss and saying things like “what are you taking?” I do take some supplments.  Just be fair, I take a multi-vitamin, glucosamine, trace minerals, D3, a cortisol blocker (my cortisol levels peak in the evening so I take this to help regulate them), an apple cider vinegar pill, and CLA to be exact!  It sounds like a lot, but I just take them at breakfast and lunch. They aren’t crazy diet pills.  Just stuff to give me the nutrients and minerals I might be missing (and glucosamine and CLA to help replenish what I use and wear out while working out).
I am currently eating 1500 cals a week/with a 1700 cal week every 3 weeks (this week is that week).  I don’t think I will get to 1700 each and every day, but I’m trying to be a little looser on my food this week.  My dietician said shaking it up will continue to confuse my body and keep me loosing weight.  This is my first high calorie week, so I guess we shall see! 🙂
But anyway…I am SO HAPPY to see that tracker with a 10 pound loss!  Here is to 15!  Another 5 pounds will get me in the next “decade” of weight.  Looking forward to saying goodbye to another set of weight!


  1. I’m on my iPad so I don’t think I can see it but you go girl!!! 10 pounds?! That’s crazy!

  2. Want to friend me on my fitness pal? Davisjim05 is my username..

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