Seeing Miss Saigon (Again)

Seeing Miss Saigon (Again)

Mom and I renewed our Broadway subscription for Tulsa (instead of Fayetteville) again for 2020.  The shows were just great. And it’s not much farther to go to Tulsa instead of NWA.

We had our first show of the season, Miss Saigon. We tried to sell the tickets. We had seen it years before and didn’t remember it being memorable, but the tickets didn’t sell. And I’m so glad!

We started our day with lunch at a neat spot- the White River Fish Market. They sell fresh fish, but then they also cook it!  I got a yummy grilled fish kabob, which had six different types of fish on it. Really great to try different types of fish I probably wouldn’t try.


Then we went shopping, and we almost shopped too long. We had like 4 spare minutes once we got to the theater!  Oops!

But Miss Saigon was GREAT. The show was emotional and moving, and we totally didn’t remember the plot, but we loved it.


I’m so thankful for seeing all of these awesome shows with my mom! It’s such a wonderful thing to share!

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