For the first time ever, we did our own taxes.  Before, we have had an accountant do them.  Tyler used to own a business….and it was just better that way I suppose. And while we still had difficult taxes (3 1099s, 2 W-2s- my two freelancing jobs, his insurance business stint, and both of our jobs) we decided to give good old TurboTax a go.

And we did it.

And I hope we did it right.

I’m mailing them off today (nothing like the last minute, huh!?)

I’ll tell you what, it was WAY better than paying hundreds of dollars for someone else to do them.  And next year, we’ll be much more prepared and have kept all the stuff we needed (instead of scrounging around for it all…”Where is the property tax receipt?”) and hopefully this will be the start of a newfound relationship with TurboTax. 🙂

I feel so adult now.  I did my own taxes.



  1. Woop.. my mom still does mine. #child

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