Sewing and Football

Last minute today, I decided to make a few Razorback cookies for the Sugar Bowl tonight. I halved the recipe and only mad six cookies. I didn’t have any frosting (or the ingredients to make it) so I just melted some chocolate for frosting.
I died the cookie dough red (or pink, really). They aren’t the prettiest things ever, but they should be yummy! Woo Pig Sooie! Beat Ohio!
Also, I have had a few days with nothing major to do, and I found a pattern and video online for only $3 at for a cute tote bag. And I’ve made a few that are super cute!

The top two I am going to give to Tyler’s cousins, and I’m keeping the bottom one! 🙂
I am also working on making some Christmas stockings. I made one today, but being my first attempt, it didn’t turn out perfectly. So I will try again sometime soon.
I think I might be getting the hang of this sewing thing…or at least the basics.

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