Sewing up a storm…almost

So I started sewing yesterday. I was making some Christmas gifts (some of which have already come apart because I forgot to lock the stitches or used the wrong stitch. But that’s ok. I’m learning.)

But one thing that worked ok was this….my new Razorback shirt!It is an applique of a razorback, and while I don’t think it will survive the wash because I should have used zigzag stitches instead of a straight stitch, its cute for today. (and though my makeup looks icky, I like this pic b/c I can start to see my weight loss. I am 8 pounds down already!)

And thank goodness the Hogs won! It was a close one to Georgia, but we pulled it out at the very end! So excited to cheer for them and them win!

We celebrated Ty’s birthday with some yummy chocolate cake (I only had like 3 bites) and we are going to eat tonight and look at some more land to buy. I sometimes feel like we are hitting a wall and that we’ve seen every piece of land for sale in the county and don’t love any of it. But we are looking at some more today that a family friend of Ty’s owns. So it would be great to buy that from them. I hope the land is nice! I am getting antsy and am ready to find something so we can start paying on it. The sooner we buy land and can pay some off on it, the sooner Daddy can build us a house! It is an exciting time! The next few years will be full of exciting life changes! I am ready to see what God has in store for us.

For now, He is being faithful. We are happy, healthy, and blessed.

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