Shabby Chic Ribbon Banner Tutorial

Shabby Chic Ribbon Banner Tutorial

I made a ribbon banner for a baby shower that was easy and the hit of the party.

ribbon banners are great for baby showers


The good news is, it’s super easy.  All you need is ribbon and a sewing machine.

Start out with ribbon.  I buy ribbon in bulk on ebay.  I like the 3″ wide ribbon for the base, and I searched 3″ ribbon lot and found a seller who would sell it in 1 yard increments in the colors I specified. The one above used 3″ wide solid ribbon for the base (I only used blue, turqouise, grey, and white for the base). I used between 10-12 yards of base ribbon.

For the one above, I had two different accent ribbons, in around 1″ widths.  I also had 10-12 yards total of that.

This was all the ribbon for my second banner.  It was a little longer and used more colors.  Again though, it included 3″ wide ribbon and 1-1.5″ wide accent ribbon.

baby shower ribbon banner tutorial

I start by cutting the ribbons in varying lengths.  I am not precise, and I didn’t mind raw-looking edges, I didn’t do this carefully.  However, if you want super straight edges, take more care.  I varied the ribbon lengths between 4″ and 8″.

Then I stacked them in pairs, with each wide ribbon getting an accent.  I made a big stack in the order they would be sewn together. (You can see the jagged raw edges.  If I were more of a perfectionist, I would have carefully cut them all straight).

how to make a ribbon banner for a party

Now you’re ready to sew.  I used white thread (you could use an accent color if you wanted) and just chain pieced them together.  I sewed them “backwards” through my machine (with the ribbon on the right instead of the left) so I could take a picture while I was sewing.)



Chain piecing means you sew through the first two ribbons, and keep sewing the next ribbons (leaving a little gap in between) without breaking thread.  Depending on your machine, you may be able to just thread the next ribbon under the foot without raising the presser foot.  I can do that on my machine.


For more on chain piecing, read here.


You just chain piece all the ribbon together until you’re finished! This was the second banner against the cabinets at mom’s house.  I actually didn’t attend the second baby shower, so I don’t have a picture of the ribbon banner in action. But you get the point.finished baby shower ribbon banner

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