Shania Twain is touring?!

Shania Twain is touring?!


So this morning Shania Twain announced she would be touring this summer.

I had her “The Woman in Me” CD and played it on repeat.  In fact, it’s still on my iPod and gets a regular listen.  I made the executive decision that I’m gonna need to go see her.  But the bad part is none of her nearby shows are on a weekend…so it looks like she’s gonna get a half day off at work so I can go see her in Kansas City.

Tickets go on sale next week…so let me know if you want to go with me. 🙂  At this point, not knowing when Tyler’s days off will be, and not knowing mom’s situation and how it will look this summer…I may just buy two tickets and hope to find someone who wants to go. ha!

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  1. Oh MAN that sounds awesome!! I would totally go with you…but I think KC is a little more than a half-day off of work for me. 😉 I used to be all ABOUT some Shania!!

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