Sharing through the Sadness

Sharing through the Sadness

Today, my friend Jenna is going to be sharing with you about her blogging journey.  Jenna and I went to OBU together, but besides living down the hall from one another, we weren’t really good friends.  However, now that we both blog, we have followed each other’s journeys.  Jenna is sharing her blogging story, and I love that she is sharing the good and the hurt.
Hello there! I am Jenna from Choosing Joy and I am so excited that Brittney is allowing me to share a little bit of my story on her little corner of the internet today!

So I guess I will start with a little bit about me. I am a 27 year old Pediatric RN recently turned stay at home mom from Bentonville, Arkansas. I am married to my Junior High Sweetheart, Bryan, and we have two little boys, Hudson (who is just shy of 4) and Rhett (17 months). I’ve been blogging since I found out that I was pregnant with Hudson (almost FIVE years ago) and it started as a journal to share pictures with friends and family who didn’t live close, over the years it has grown quite a bit and has evolved to be more than just a journal.
I blog a lot about my kids and my obsession with cloth diapering and I’ve recently started Weight Watchers and have been blogging about weight loss and my journey to get fit and be healthy. I have lost 12 lbs of my goal of 64 lbs so far and I am so proud and excited about my progress. Brittney has really encouraged me with her weight loss story. My workout of choice is running but I’ve also started PiYo in the past few weeks and it is hardcore! But I blog about some serious stuff too…
Which leads me to last December when my Mother-in-law, Janet (who was blogging here about her journey), ultimately won her battle with Ovarian Cancer at 51 years old when she joined Jesus in His throne room but left her loved ones here on Earth. Way before I fell in love with her son, Janet was a mentor to me. She was way more than a Mother-in-law, but basically my second mother. I have taken her death (along with my whole family) pretty hard. So since losing her, my blog has become a place where I talk about how our family is coping with our loss. It has been a very hard six months for our family but I have found so much support through the blogging community. 

I am blessed beyond measure by God’s goodness and grace in my life. My one hope through blogging is that I can inspire someone like I have been inspired by so many others. Since losing Janet, joy has been a choice that I have had to make many days. Sure I still feel sad and miss her. I hate thinking about living life without her, especially for my little boys, but the Bible promises us that “sorrow will last for a moment, but joy comes in the morning”. Thanks so much to Brittney for letting me share a little bit about who I am and I would love to have you hop over to my blog and join me on my journey of choosing joy!


Thanks for sharing your story, Jenna!  Go check out her blog Choosing Joy.

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