She Reads Truth Bible Study

I have seen this hashtag on Twitter, but I didn’t know what it was about.  #shereadstruth  All it is is this: a Bible reading plan led by some great ladies.  You can check out the She Reads Truth blog here.
I think it is the PERFECT solution for me in terms of Bible Study. First off, it is an app.  Meaning, that I can do it wherever I am, whenever I want (because my phone is always with me!).
The app is called YouVersion.  It looks like this (the Holy Bible icon).  It is a free app.

The She Reads Truth current study is on prayer.  You sign up for an account (it’s free!) then search for plans.  Their plan is called “Prayer” and this is the description.

When you start the plan, you get daily readings.  It is AWESOME.  Not only are the readings focused, just a few verses… meaning completely do-able…but it takes you right to the readings.  Then you can check them off after reading.  Another great feature is that you can toggle between several versions  of the Bible.  I like to read it first in NIV, then NLT (my favorite translation), the the Message, and others if I want to keep seeing different ways to discuss it. 

This is what the readings look like.  You can highlight, leave notes, lots of things.  I actually have a journal at home that I’m taking notes  and writing questions in….but you can do all that in the app.

You can start She Reads Truth at any time.  And the great thing about this app is that if you miss a day, you simply tell it to catch you up, and it resets everything where the next unfinished reading is that day.  There is no “getting behind”  She Reads Truth has blog link ups, a Twitter hashtag, and other ways to discuss and do community while doing the study.
If you are just interested in the app, there are many other reading plans there besides She Reads Truth.  I also started a chronilogical one-year Bible plan (reading the Bible completely is part of my 30 Before 30 list!).  I like that even if I miss some days, I just simply reset it, and pick up where I left off.  Get the app (it’s free!) and explore it.  Let me know if you start She Reads Truth.  I would love to follow your comments.


  1. i have this app and i loooove it so much!

  2. Thanks for sharing! Going to download the app now!

  3. I can’t find it. What am I doing wrong? I got the app

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