My Shopping Secret Weapon: Ship to Store

My Shopping Secret Weapon: Ship to Store

It’s no secret that I love to shop.  I love to shop online – it’s easy and there is a huge selection.  But there can be shipping costs.  Or sometimes I need the items ASAP.

Well, my shopping secret is shipping to store.  Let me explain.

My Shopping

I’ve had some baby showers and weddings recently.  I love buying from registries…but it can be time consuming, amIright? You have to go, print off the registry, and try to find the right items.  So instead, I just do ship to store and buy online.  I have done this from Target and Bed,Bath, and Beyond for showers.  You order online and usually the same day, you can pick up the items in store at the customer service desk.  No fuss.  It’s great!  Just be sure you choose items that qualify for in-store pickup.

I’ve also done this at Wal-Mart, Sears, and JC Penny to save on shipping costs.  With both of those stores, it has taken a few days to get items in, but there is no shipping charge. See, at Wal-Mart I was wanting an item in a color that wasn’t available in store.  There were more options online.  And at Sears, I wanted a tool set that was on sale…but I knew it would take FOREVER to locate that specific set in store- and then hope it was in stock.  At JC Penny it was an item they didn’t carry in store – but they had it online (at a crazy sale!) so that’s where I bought it.

So I ordered all of these items online and had them shipped to store. And again, you just go in to the customer service desk and pick up your order.  You have the selection of shopping online, or not having to mess with finding an item….and you get it fast at no additional cost.  It’s great.

Have you ever done ship to store?  It’s my saving grace.  I don’t waste time and I get just what I want.

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