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Today, Kelly’s Korner is hosting a link up about your college alma mater. I know, I blogged before about my school here, but I’ll take any opportunity I can to talk about Ouachita Baptist Univeristy, or OBU.
OBU was the best thing to happen to me. I did not want to go there. It was too close to home (only 30-45 minutes) and I went to camps there. I thought going there would feel like summer camp. But thankfully, God had other plans. On our way back from another college tour, my mom made me stop there. The admissions counselor was great and told me how I could get a full scholarship! So I started thinking and praying about OBU, and ended up there!
OBU is a small college in an even smaller town. There are about 1500 students and the town basically has a Walmart, a grocery store and a few places to eat. But that didn’t stop my college experience from being amazing- in fact, I think the small, intimate nature of OBU and Arkadelphia added to my experience.
I will walk you through my OBU years in photos…. (bear with me as a reminisce…and see the college freshman me from 6 years ago! eek! has it been that long!)
One of my favorite OBU events is called TWIRP (The Woman is Required to Pay). A week of Sadie Hawkins events at the start of the fall semester. This is me and some friends at 80s night (I wonder where our dates are…it IS a Sadie Hawkins event after all?)
Me and Tyler at Barn Bash
Another (that I LOVED and LIVED for) was Tiger Tunes…a singing/dancing competition between clubs. I served as a host my sophomore year and was an assistant director and director for my club.
Freshman Year at Elves with Campus Ministries.
Sophomore year as a host…see my big Britney Spears head mic!
Junior year as Farmers with my 5 best friends
Senior year as Sailors. Watch it here if you want to see the amazingness that is Tiger Tunes

Social Clubs. We don’t have sororities and fraternities…we have social clubs. Same thing, basically, except we don’t live in houses. I was a Tri Chi. Best decision of my OBU time…made amazing friends and had such fun! This was my HUGE pledge class of 42 in 2006 on our Bid Day!

And this was us in 2009 before we graduated.

And during my 4 years there, I got a great education, made some lifelong friends, found my husband, and made the best memories…and I graduated! 🙂

Any other OBU grads visiting here today?


  1. What fun memories! I felt the same way about American, at first my mom loved it and then on our next trip I was in love and still am even after graduating!


  2. Hey Brittney! Being from TN, I had never heard of OBU until I started reading Kelly’s blog, but it looks like such a fun college! I can tell that everyone who goes there always leaves with friends for life! You had commented on my blog, asking about Belmont not being affiliated with the SBC anymore, and it is sadly not. It is still considered a Christian liberal arts college, but Belmont & the SBC cut their ties, I believe during my sophomore or junior year. I was so sad, but it was what it was I suppose. Thanks for commenting! Your blog is so cute! :o)

  3. I currently go to OBU and LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Can’t wait to have a diploma from the best place on earth. So fun to see all your memories!

  4. Hey Brittney! I pledged Tri Chi in the spring of 1994 – I’m getting old – along with my twin sister and 4 of my best friends at OBU! My husband was a Tri Chi beau! So glad you commented! Loved looking at your memories! Unfortunately mine aren’t digital or I could have loaded some of my pics! Kelly did have a bid day picture on her post that I was in. I’ll have to keep up with you and your blog! Have a great weekend, Brittney! :o)

  5. My husband and I both graduated from OBU in 1991. The 4 years that we spent there were 4 of the most fun filled, great memories that we have! I was an EEE and he was a Beta! 🙂 Our daughter is 17 now, and has narrowed her choices to OBU or UCA. It will be interesting to see what she decides. (Of course a full scholarship would sure help make that decision a lot easier!)

  6. Hi Brittany!
    So fun to read OBU memories from a fellow Ouachitonian! I was also a Tri Chi (Pledge Class 96) and loved every minute of my time at OBU! Isn’t it cool how connecting with other OBUers is like finding long lost family? I love it! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Yay…a fellow Tri Chi!! I just loved reading your blog on OBU! I was a Tri Chi (Pledge Class 98). It was also the best decision I made. Met so many of my closest friends through Tri Chi!

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