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Kelly is having a Show Us Your Family post linkup today! So I wanted to show you my family. We all live very close to one another. My parents house is literally next door to both my grandmas and uncle, and my Aunt and cousins just live down the street.
I miss them so much living away from them!
I will go from L to R.
Far left in the pink dress is my cousin Caitlyn. She is my mini-me (sometimes). She is a bit shy (which I was NOT), but she loves all things girly and she loves to dance. She was born when I was 12, and I have always loved hanging out with this little girl. I used to get embarassed because she looked so much like me, that we would go places and people would think I was her teen mom. So I always called her “Cousin” whereever we went, so people would know! She is growing into a beautiful, smart, young lady and is 10 years old. She was a Jr. Bridesmaid in my wedding.
Next is Gavin, my 8 year old cousin. He is all boy. He loves football and hunting and wrestling. He is so great at football- coaches were calling to recuit him to their little league teams! He may be a big tough boy, but he is also a gentle little guy. He loves animals and is so sweet with them. He is so fun to play with. Gavin was a ringbearer in my wedding.
Next over is my Uncle Neil. Uncle Neil has had lots of tough times in his life. He has cerebral palsy, and suffers from seizures. He had a bad car wreck years ago when he had a seizure while driving and it really hurt him. But he worked hard and came back and is now able to live alone (with a little help). He is such a trooper, and I am inspired by his hard work and dedication to work hard and overcome his obstacles.
Next is Grandma Elee, or Nene in the blue top and jacket. She is my mom’s stepmom, but she has always just been a grandma to me. She loves to cook, and I think I get my love of cooking from her. I remember she used to teach me how to make homemade salad dressings and chicken and dumplings when I would come over to visit.
Next is my Grandma Gloria, or my Gram in the brown dress. She is so fun. Gram is from Chicago, and I used to love going to visit her and my grandpa there. But now she lives in my hometown and we loved hanging out. We used to have scary movie nights and watch the creepiest new movies and eat popcorn. Gram now has some health issues and chronic pain, but she smiles through it all.
You know Tyler and me….
Next in purple is my Mom, Linda in the purple dress. She is the best mom. She has always sacrificed and done anything she could to help me. She cares a lot and gets many phonecalls from my daily. I don’t know what I would do, or who I would be without her.
My dad, Roy, is the white haired gentlemen up next. He is an older dad, he was 51 when I was born. But he has always provided me with great wisdom and advice. He wasn’t the most gentle dad, but he is super loving. He calls me his “possumtrot” and loves to give big bear hugs. He is also one of the most generous people. He loves to help and give freely.
The little munchkin in there is my cousin Luke. He is 3 and such a handful. He has the biggest personality to be such a little thing. He loves to play with his cars and watch movies. He is really creative and is so fun to play with because he can imagine us anywhere, doing anything. I love to steal kisses from this little boy! He was also a ring bearer in my wedding.
The far right is my Aunt Sandy, my mom’s half sister. She is just a few years older than me, and we were super close as kids. Sandy blessed our family with those three wonderful kids (my cousins) and is a great mom. She is so sassy and fun to be around. She also makes killer chocolate chip cookies.
That is my family. I love them!

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