Show Us Your Life- Wedding Showers

I am not super experienced with throwing showers, but I have had three of my own! They were all so special…so I wanted to share some of what made it special- because after all…if you are throwing a shower, your goal is (or it should be!) to make the guest of honor feel special!

My favorite thing from my wedding shower at my home church was the cake! I LOVE Barbies…I collect holiday Barbies and they were my favorite toy growing up. So we got a Barbie cake! We even took the bakery a picture of my wedding dress, and they made it look like mine! (For some reason the Barbie looks black here, but she was not…the flash just didn’t go off!)

So the moral of this tip: A nice, traditional cake is good…but something that really touches the guest of honor is AWESOME! Go beyond a nicely decorated cake and do something special!

We also had amazing food at all my showers…including more sweets….the BEST petit fors from Rick’s Bakery! But what made the food so great was the presentation!

So be sure you present everything in a beautiful way! It is your chance to use all that servingware you have!

This was also really special at my home shower….they laid out cards and notes with pens on each table and just asked people to write me or me and Tyler notes. Some were funny (especially the ones from my friends!) and others were heartfelt advice from wise ladies at my church. I kept these cards and love them! So special!

Do something that can be a keepsake and heartfelt for the guest of honor. The actual day is a bit of a blur, so give her something to take home and remember and cherish after the shower.

The shower I had at Tyler’s home church was so special too! I was registered for Fiestaware, so they asked hosts to bring Fiestaware to serve the food in! It was AMAZING to see all this vintage Fiesta on the table! So honored that the hosts would share their Fiesta with me!

Another cool idea would be to buy some of the serving pieces the bride is registered for and use those at the shower…and then tell her that everything on the table is hers! I was hoping they would do that with the Fiestaware! ha! But sadly, everyone wanted to take their Fiesta home with them after the shower!

At my lingerie shower (which I can’t find any pictures of?) My Maid of Honor did such a great job hosting. She stretched out a clothes line and hung up all my goodies as I opened them! And she really did a great job of making it a fun atmosphere where we were all laughing.

And this is my last tip: Great gifts! πŸ™‚ haha…just kidding, kind of! I received the MOST amazing gift at one of my showers from the hosts….My KitchenAid mixer!

I would say find out what the one thing is the guest of honor REALLY wants, and split with the hosts or other guests to get the big gift. I was so excited, I am pretty sure I teared up a bit that they got this for me. It meant so much. Make the guest of honor happy by getting them their most wanted present. After all, showers ARE about gifts! πŸ™‚

Now go shower someone with love and blessings!


  1. Great shower tips! My kitchen aid mixer was also my favorite gift from my wedding shower!

  2. I just found your blog through A Blonde Ambition’s blog! The fact that you are a Razorback fan and a HANSON fan …oh my word, I’m sold!! Ha! I just wanted to say hi since I am a new follower!

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