Sick Days

Sick Days

Unfortunately, Remi caught the flu bug. One Friday evening, I noticed her eyes looked sick (Tyler laughed, but this is mom-truth, right? You can see it!), and then she wouldn’t eat her dinner…and she got fussy. I checked, and she had fever.

She got worse overnight, so on Saturday morning, we headed to the new pediatric urgent care here (thank goodness for them!).  Poor girl just wanted to lay down. I rubbed her back waiting on the doctor, and when the doctor came in all masked up, I knew her flu test was positive.

She had flu A. The doctor just told us to hydrate and treat symptoms.

Poor girl got sick in the car on the way home (probably just the fever medicine on an empty tummy) and then rested for a couple days.


We did lots of snuggling and watching Toy Story 4.


And then she passed something on to me, because I had fever for a day or so.  My flu test was negative, but I felt pretty crummy.


But the sweetest was when I was sick, she told me that she had some surprises for me to make me feel better- then she brought me this book and a necklace. It sure did help!


Thankfully, Tyler stayed well and we are allll better in time for Thanksgiving.

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