Sick Days

Sick Days

Remi had a little tummy bug and a fever that lasted several days, so we had some days at home- some with me and some with Mimi (So thankful I don’t have to use all my sick or vacation days when mom is free).

We did get in a little fun in between pitiful sickness.

We rolled out the butcher paper and *tried* tracing her body.  She squirmed around too much so it looked like a crime scene, but she really liked it.

She likes to hide and seek- where she hides and we pretend like we can’t find her “Where is Remi? Is she under here? No? Is she on the couch? No?  THERE SHE IS!”  So we did lots of that.

She did manage to scoot all around the house once day, pointing and bossing to whatever she wanted.

And thankfully, we got in lots of snuggles and watching shows and movies. I’m just glad she’s feeling better!

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