Silly Goose

Silly Goose

Remi’s playful personality is coming out more and more. She’s silly. She does things over and over again that make her laugh or make us laugh. She’s playful and fun.

One of her favorite times is bathtimes, and she LOVES when we play peekaboo with her. BIG smiles for daddy playing in the tub.

We’ve always loved the cute character towels, but we had to buy bigger ones. She’s growing! She thinks its so funny when daddy scoops her up and they look in the mirror together. She thinks she is funny wearing the towel.

She is very clear when she’s ready to sleep. Poor girl wore herself out and asks for bedtime on a Friday night.

She loves playing with her pots and pans, but she was LOVING banging them together. She likes the loud noises.

I was chasing her around the house trying to take her picture. Which made her giggle BIG time.

She now hates when I brush her teeth, but she loves to do it herself.


That’s our spunky girl! She’s growing, learning and figuring out how to capture our hearts even more on a daily basis.

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