Small Simple Joys

Small Simple Joys

The days have come to a screeching halt. And while I try to keep Remi happy and engaged, do my work at home, feed our family….I have to look for simple joys.

Remi spent a couple of days REALLY into her bug catching kit. And I was proud of myself for capturing a few bugs on my own! This tiny little mayfly was in her bedroom, and we watched him for a while. Then my sweet girl wanted to set him free so he could go find his momma.


Church is online for now. I’m grateful for our church coming together so quickly to produce online services.


Our house goes from a mess because we’ve drug every toy and book out in 12 hours, to picked up and vacuumed. I need order, so every day or two, I make us reset and start fresh.


I am attempting to bake sourdough bread from scratch. My first batch, the starter wasn’t very vigorously rising, but I decided to try it anyway. I ditched that starter and am trying again.

The first loaf was a bit overbaked, but it made GREAT croutons. The second loaf I didn’t let go as dark and it was much better, but I’m curious what a better starter will do. I’m currently feeding another one.


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