Snack Day!

Today at work we had the most amazing day…snack day!  Everyone (or at least all the front office ladies) brought snack foods and we have been grazing all day!  I didn’t even eat breakfast or bring lunch in anticipation of all the goodies.

Let me give you some of the highlights: sausage rotel queso, bbq little smokies, jalepeno dip, fruit tray, cream cheese with pepper jelly, several types of cookies, monkey bread, and I made bacon cheddar pull apart bread.  And its 12:15 and I’m stuffed.

So glad to have friends at work now.  I know when I first started here I felt out of place.  But over the last 10 months, we have grown to be good friends and can enjoy having a little fun at work, over some yummy food!  I thought this was funny….I saw this while on Pinterest (and NO, I haven’t joined…but about once a day I just browse the homepage to see if there is anything that I should be seeing.  I’m not getting a Pinterest account because I don’t want to be able to waste all that time…but a 5 minute once over the main page is enough for me)…

Calories are little creatures that sneak into your closet and sew your clothes a little tighter each night. 

Very true for today.  Oh how I love snack day.  Oh how I miss my skinny jeans…ha!  Back on track tomorrow… 🙂

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