Sneaky Husband and Disappointing Lunch

So yesterday, my lunch plans were changed.  Seems as though Chick-fil-a’s tortilla soup was seasonal.  So I couldn’t get that.  I might have teared up when the lady told me that.  No biggie in the grand scheme, but I LOVED their tortilla soup and was so looking forward to it for lunch.  Oh well.
So on to my sneaky husband.  I don’t know if he was being intentionally bad, but here is the story.  So we have a bad “drop it and leave it” problem at our house.  A lot of times, stuff gets plopped on a table, on the floor, on the couch…and it stays there for a while.  We aren’t great at putting things away.  Well Tyler got a bunch of stuff from his mom’s house (everything from guns, to tennis shoes, to electronics) and it was all dumped in the living room.  I have asked for about a week if he would put it all away.  I know its difficult because it is all “new” stuff to our home so it doesn’t have a spot yet.  He has been avoiding this task.
I told him it WAS getting done before Friday.  So Wednesday during dinner I laid down the law.  We WERE putting this stuff away that night.  So he decided after dinner we should watch some DVR’d shows that I like.  Sneaky.  Watch shows with the wife that you usually hate.  She will get suckered in to watching these shows and she will get comfy and fall asleep and you won’t have to clean.  He accomplished that.
Move on to Thursday night.  At dinner, again, I tell Tyler that we TOTALLY ARE cleaning, or at least starting on it.  After dinner he declares that his Mustang needs air in the tires.  Maybe we should drive to town, get air, and get a treat at Sonic.  Sneaky.  So I went along with it.  When we got home at 9:15, I basically told him if he didn’t organize it, I was going to.  And he didn’t want to not know where anything was.  So we started cleaning and organizing.  While he went through his pile, I cleaned the kitchen, the mudroom, and put away laundry.  We stopped finally around 11:15, and he got 90% through his pile.
Sneaky husband.  I showed him, huh?  I even got a Sonic treat out of the deal! 🙂  (PS.  Sonic now has “mini” sized treats.  I think they are 10 ounces.  MUCH better than even a 14 ounce small.  Those 4 ounces add up in calories and sugar, so the mini satisfies without adding a bunch of extra calories.  Great news, Sonic!
After I clean the mudroom a bit more, and finish organizing the office, I’ll finally show you what those spaces look like! Have a GREAT weekend beauties! 🙂

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