Snow Day!

Snow Day!

We got a little dusting of snow, but this girl was SO excited! “It snowed SO MUCH!” she said.

It snowed in the early morning hours, so when she woke up, there was white on the ground. She immediately wanted to go outside and play!

Daddy had to go to work (I was able to work from home…because, yes, though it’s just a dusting, schools were closed because of the wintry mix and ice on the roads), but we bundled up and headed outside!


She was so excited to use her snow toys! There wasn’t enough on the ground for her sled (I feel like the Christmas gift of the sled years ago jinxed us to never have enough snow to use it!), but she loved showing snow into her snowball maker.


She worked hard to clear off her slide. That was very important to her! It was windy and chilly, so we weren’t staying out long, but she enjoyed it while it lasted!


She occupied herself for most of the day watching TV, eating snacks, jumping on her indoor trampoline….and then at one point, I was standing at the kitchen counter on my laptop, and she decided she needed to do work too! I’m thankful we are at a place where I can actually get work done while she’s awake at home, but it was precious when she needed to work, too!

(Side note for my memories: she’s VERY into cutting and gluing. She gets to go into the bigger kid class at school sometimes during table work, and they do scissors, so she loves it.  She’s still not that interested in free drawing- she’d much rather just draw shapes and cut!)


I’m glad there weren’t any big bad snow issues, but we would like enough to actually go play in!

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