Snow Day!

I was so thankful for yesterday’s snow day because Tyler stayed home too! Snow day with the whole family!
It started off a bit funny. I woke up before my alarm about 7. I took Mikey outside and it was already snow covered and the main road in front of our apartment was white and cars were moving slowly and some sliding over it. All the local schools were closed, except for U of A. Well, I sure wasn’t getting out in this junk. Especially since my class didn’t start until 11 and I was to be on campus teaching until 4 (and the snow was heavily coming down). So I cancelled my classes by email and went back to bed. Just as we were about to fall back to sleep, I got another text from U of A saying they were closing at 9:30! So it was an official snow day! We ended up getting 4-5 inches of beautiful powder snow.

We laid in bed for a long time. I made us breakfast and we ate in in bed too. Our bed was just too warm and cozy yesterday! This was Mikey laying in bed snuggling with us!
Then we got out to play in the snow. Well that turned into an “run after Mikey to make sure he doesn’t get into anything” session. He LOVED the snow and just ran and frolicked around. If you could see our backyard, front yard, and side yard of our apartment…its covered with little paw prints followed by one or two sets of footprints running after them! He ran all over!
We came back in (once we wrangled Mikey!) and ate lunch and watched TV. We started a new series on Netflix. Dexter. Its about a serial killer who kills bad people (other criminals) and who is a cop in his “normal” life. Its really interesting. It is NOT for the faint of heart. Lots of blood and killing (I mean, its about a serial killer) but the plot is really interesting. We got halfway through the first season yesterday.

Then I did some Zumba at home, we ate dinner and went back to bed! A nice lazy snow day!


  1. i bet feta cheese makes it SUPPPPPER good! I will try that! Not sure I’m brave enough for the jalepeno though! 😛

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