Snow Daze

Snow Daze

Elsa has hit our area.  We got some snow Sunday, but it (thankfully) didn’t stick to the roads.  I went into work just fine Monday.

But it started coming down on Monday, and by the time it all ended, we had over 6 inches at our house, and the roads are quite slick.

Tyler and I got out yesterday evening when it ended to check and see if I could head into work this morning….and his big 4 wheel drive truck was slipping…so I’m working from home – and going to go in once it melts a bit.

It’s crazy because they didn’t get quite as much in town, but out here,  we got so much that I almost lose the dogs in it!



  1. Those pictures of your puppies are too precious!

  2. I live in southeast Arkansas and we are suppose to get 4-6 inches of snow, so Ned Perme says. It is suppose to start at six. School has aleady been canceled. We got out of school early for ice Monday afternoon (I’m a teacher) and also Tuesday and then there is today.

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