Snowed In Again

More snow. I am so sick of the snow.
More snow hit us Friday morning. They officially canceled my Zumba training…which was good. Because there was no way I was driving in this:

Tyler was taking my car to OBU for the weekend to hang out with his Kappa boys, so I had two choices: be stranded at home with no car or go somewhere. I could go home (which was on Tyler’s way) or go to Nancy’s my mother-in-laws. I REALLY wanted to go home, but mom said road conditions were really bad from the snow/ice…so I went to Nancy’s.

We watched TV, watched When In Rome, and hung out. Today we went to Fort Smith (most of the main roads are fine here) to work Tyler’s shop for him. It is nice to get out of the house.

They are calling for more stupid snow. I am praying its not bad so we can have class this week.

Who are you rooting for in the Super Bowl? I am undecided.


  1. Our roads look like that too, it is crazy that it does not slow people down in IN. Life goes on hereno matter what it seems! Hope you get to see the sun soon!

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