So many exciting things!

So many exciting things!

I’m gonna take today and update you on life.  Not too much has been going on outside of the normal (work, church, life)…but there have been a few highlights.

Hanson is touring starting this week…and the tour is super cool.  It’s two nights in each city with one night being cover songs and the other night being their music.  They released an EP of the cover songs – and I was SO excited to get it.

Full disclosure: We are REALLLLLLLY hoping they play Dirty.  Yes, Christina Aguilera’s dirty.  There’s a clip on Youtube of them singing it at a concert. {so hot}


Monday night, I was craving breakfast for dinner.  So I made waffles.  And I dipped them in butter and cinnamon sugar. Hello, churro waffles.  Such a great idea.

I’m loving curling my hair at the moment.  My hair girl told me to try and not wash my hair daily since it’s so fine and thin….but on the in-between days, it’s lifeless.  So I’ve been curling it. Love the big hair! (I know it’s not super big…but it’s big for me!)


So that’s this week’s life.  Music, food, and hair.  Good enough.


How’s your life?  What are your random highlights?

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