So Much Fun in the Sun

So Much Fun in the Sun

Summer is HERE. Hot days where water is the best respite.

So we’ve been hitting the water in all forms. We all got some kayak time in. My mom’s lake is so quiet and perfect for paddling.

I enjoyed listening to some podcasts while I paddled! Tyler fished.

Then Remi loaded up with Tyler (and I switched with Mimi to let her take a turn), so we all hit the water that morning.

We’ve also spent many weekend days at Mimi’s pool. Remi can be like a teenager- sunglasses and laying out by the pool. (But peep that old-school High School Musical towel! haha).

Thank goodness for summer. I don’t know what we would do if this quarantine/isolation/social distance/pandemic time was during the bleak of winter.

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