So Much Personality

So Much Personality

Y’all, I keep saying it, but we are in such a sweet season of just having so much fun together. Yes, there are some hard moments, but in general, we’ve gotten a handle on Remi in this stage. We’re at a great place of understanding together – that she needs to listen and cooperate, and in return, we will have a BLAST together. I LOVE being the “yes” mom- but she knows that she has to do her part, too.

She’s LOVING dressing up so much right now. And sweet dad gets to be the dragon a lot. I think mostly because it’s a costume that fits him (thanks, cape!), and it’s a “boy” thing to be.  She was dressed up like “Chase” (which is just her police outfit, but she barks like a dog…haha) and she needed to arrest the dragon. Cracked me up!


She has a love/hate relationship with Pippin. She wants to love on him, pick him up, and play with him. But when he comes to her first, she’s mad about it.  This day though, she was sitting and watching TV and he climbed up in her lap and she welcomed him. They sweetly snuggled and watched Daniel Tiger.  They love each other. He’s SO good with her, and puts up with a lot.


This morning was a great example of “get through the things we need to do, then the fun can start.”  We got ready for school without any issues, and then she wanted to accessorize.  I was happy to give her a couple minutes and whatever she wanted. She picked a big purple bow, a necklace (which was a compromise- she initally wanted her flower lei, but I didn’t want to deal with losing it….so I talked her into these beads because no harm, no foul if they go missing), and her sunglasses.  Then last minute right before we went out the door, she ran back to the playroom and brought two crowns.  She picked this purple one, and then out we went!  When we went to school, she left the sunglasses and crown in the car.  And the necklace went straight into her cubbie at school. She loves to put special things in there.  Whatever.  It makes her happy and doesn’t hurt anything.


She’s just so full of life and joy and personality. Love everything about her!

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