So much playing!

So much playing!

The theme of the last week was PLAY.

She’s getting so big and interactive and really figuring things out.

We started last week with (wah wah) her one year checkup.  She did GREAT.  Only cried for a minute, and y’all, I wish we had it on video – she was crying after shots and I played her favorite song “My Shot” and she instantly started dancing. It cracked us up.

She LOVES her big blocks (They are Crayola brand, if anyone is interested).  Daddy builds stuff, and she loves breaking it apart.  I know that’s a huge skill to learn to pull and take things apart- so I love that we have a great toy to encourage that.

She looked ADORABLE and was SO HAPPY before school one day. LOTS of giggling at our house in the mornings.

That same day at school, they had a Harvest party. She was so happy! I love the pictures they take at their parties. They go all out making these cute backdrop areas. I just love it!


Friday evening, we hit the park after dinner and she had a BLAST.  She’s always liked walking around the park and playing some, but she went to town this trip. Climbing up the slide, and figuring out how to let go and slide down on her belly. She just laughed and laughed. It was the best.

Love watching her play and grow!


Week 53. 🙂

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