So Puzzling

So Puzzling

In an effort to spend some time together that isn’t focused around the TV, Tyler and I decided to try working on a puzzle.  I will say, it was a great marriage activity. We were working together, having fun, but not really talking about the mundane of the day. It was nice.

I ordered this puzzle from Amazon, and when it came in, we were a bit overwhelmed.

The first night was mostly working on the border and putting together a few doors.  This puzzle was easy at first because it was simple to pick out the yellow pieces for the one yellow door, for example.

But as we moved on, it got a little more complicated.  There were several bright blue doors, lots of red doors.  We had to really concentrate to put the pieces in the right spots.

We worked on it for a couple hours at a time, maybe one night a week for about a month or so. It’s finished! I told Tyler he could pick the next puzzle for us to work on.  I’d like to keep this up – it was really fun!


  1. Tricia Shankles :

    That was a lot of work! Pretty!

  2. Love it!! Matt and I did a puzzle a few years ago like this and we really enjoyed it! I have a feeling Millie would destroy any attempt at puzzle-ing now…haha.

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