So So So Busy

So So So Busy

If there’s one thing we hear over and over about our girl, it’s that she’s busy.  We hear it at school, at church, when we are playing at the mall. And it’s so true. She’s active and inquisitive.

She moves her toys ALL around the house (and we let her. There are few no-nos in our house, as long as it won’t hurt her or the belongings). She loves to bring this chair places and sit and play.

Amazingly, she was still enough for me to braid her hair, though!  When she sits on the sink, she’s mesmerized watching in the mirror.

The other morning, we were playing, and she would play and then RUN to me with a kiss. So sweet!

Her grandpa LOVES how busy and into everything she is. He loves watching her play! My MIL had her while I went to see a musical, and they went to visit Grandpa’s – where she had lots of fun.

She’s so fun, and so exhausting- but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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