So spirited

So spirited

It was Spirit Week at daycare!

It’s not always easy to get pics of our busy girl, but I try.

She rocked 4 pigtails for crazy hair day.

That evening, we hit the park. She was a little tired and not totally into it, but she did enjoy the slides.

Pajama day was great because we just stayed in our jammies!

Mismatch day was stripes and patterned pants.  And a 4-wheeler ride with Daddy.

She missed their big Halloween party because she had ear tubes put in. She handled the surgery like a champ. She was playful and snuggly beforehand. It took like 10 minutes, and she was confused after, but an hour later, she was back to her normal self.

Friday was Favorite Team day, and she rocked some OU stripes.

We had a big day on Saturday.  We ran errands and had lunch with Daddy. And she looked ADORABLE.

She had her first Starbucks at Target. Ok, it was water. But how cute is she drinking from the Starbucks cup?

Lunch with Daddy is always fun, especially when she gets to play with the velcro on his vest.

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