Social Media and Being Intentional

Again today, I’m linking with Jenna’s Journey for the commenting challenge.  Today is to tell you about our social media use!

I am a HUGE fan of social media.  I don’t feel like I’m “addicted” to it, but I do use it all the time.  I can’t be completely faulted for being a social media user, I work in Digital Marketing!  My previous job required me to monitor their social media all the time!  I use lots of different social media venues, and I would love for you to join me on any of them!  🙂

I tweet.  My tweets aren’t usually funny or witty, just random updates on my life or things I notice.  I tweet at

I am on Facebook.  I’m not really a fan of friending random people, so don’t feel bad, but I am not going to give you my personal facebook.  However, I DO have a page for my Zumba side that I would love for you to follow!  I post videos, tips, and pictures there!  It’s

I use Instagram.  I LOVE it!  I am brittneydeanne there as well.

I use MyFitnessPal for tracking calories and working out.  I am brittneydeanne on there too.  (Are you seeing a trend?)

I use Pinterest for recipes, helpful things I find online, Zumba videos, and pictures of Hanson. 🙂  I am a HUGE Hanson fan and have a whole board dedicated to them!  Follow me on Pinterest here.

I also blog for my work about moving.  You probably won’t want to follow, but if you want to check it out, the blog is here.

I also use LinkedIn and Google+, mostly for work.  But I’ll link to them.  If you want more connections on those sites, feel free to add me.  I’m not super active there, but I do use them. 

As far as websites I regularly check, it’s mostly just the social media I use along with blogs.  If I have 5 minutes to be online, I will check Facebook and Twitter and my email.  I usually check Rue La La at some point during the day to shop…but I haven’t been buying as much as I used to, because I’m trying to be better with my spending.

Follow me! 🙂  Who doesn’t like to be the popular kid with all the friends!?

I was going to double post today, because there is something on my heart, but I’ll just tack it on the bottom here.  Last night after a tough night of Zumba (I wasn’t feeling 100% and got way overheated), I stopped to get gas on my way home.  I was actually a little perturbed that the gas light came on and I had to stop.  I was tired, sweaty, and hot and didn’t want to stand outside and get gas.  But I had to.  So I stopped at a little station on the route home.  A lady approached me.  She was covered in facial piercings, had short red hair, and she was asking for money.  Usually, I tell people I don’t have any cash (which is often the truth) but I felt compelled to dig in my wallet.  I only have $4.  When I gave it to her, she said “God Bless You”  I looked at her and told her “God Bless YOU”  and then she asked for my name.  I told her, and she said “Thank you, Brittney.  Really.”  And I felt an urge.  I didn’t have time to think, I just obeyed.  I quickly asked “Is there something I can pray about for you?”  A look washed over her face.  She stepped closer and explained that she had degenerative disc disease in her back and was in great pain.  She didn’t have insurance for medication and was trying to get on disability, which is why she needed the money for gas.  She said she is waiting for her disability to come through.  I promised her I would pray for her.  She hugged me, sweaty and all.
I’m so glad I had to get gas.  I’m glad to have met Heather (I asked her name at some point in our conversation).  It was a great reminder that God can use me in any form, in any place.  That was such a simple question to ask…but I hope that God can work in Heather’s life and she can see Him moving.  Looking back, I wonder if I should have stopped and prayed WITH her there at the gas pump.  Maybe it was a missed opportunity.  But I know that God urged me to give to her and talk to her, so I followed.  It wasn’t a huge thing, but I hope that my obedience, even being that small, will impact her life for Christ. 
What are you doing today to be intentional?  Pray for someone.  Reach out to someone.  Give to someone.  I am guilty of NOT being intentional a lot.  A lot.  But yesterday was a reminder to listen and obey in every situation. 
How can I pray for YOU today?


  1. Thanks for the reminder to be intentional. I join my prayers with yours for Heather that she gets healing in her body and that she gets a financial blessing.


  2. Yesterday I didn’t stop to get gas because I was ALSO perturbed that my light went off. I meant to go out later last night once it’d cooled off but didn’t. Boy, was a pissed at myself when I got into my car this morning. Thanks for sharing that tale. It’s good to hear things like that.

    I’m not very religious and so I don’t pray (I know, I know. I feel guilty for it sometimes.). I was raised in the do something physical to help others sense and it’s been really lacking in my life lately. Shame on me.

    • Kim- Thanks for your comment. I want you to know I’m not “religious” either. I have a personal relationship with God, and it’s pretty great when He uses me in little ways like today! I don’t want to push Jesus down your throat or anything, but if you want to talk more about it- let me know! Either way- keep doing what you feel led to do. If that is helping others- go for it! There is no shame in “lacking”…the important thing is to change what you aren’t happy about. Hope you have a great day!! 🙂

  3. Glad God allowed your path to cross with heather’s ..sounds like you were both blessed because of it.

  4. Glad God allowed your path to cross with heather’s ..sounds like you were both blessed because of it.

  5. Great hearing this. Praying for Heather.

  6. Wow! What a great story. And amazing that you had cash, because so few people do – you were both able to have great impact on one another!

    I rarely come across people who spell our name this way either! Crazy! I just always tell people that my mom spelled it how everyone else actually says it! Ha!

    Thanks for stopping by the blog! Following you here and om Pinterest now :)!

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