Solving Our Dogs Tummy Problems

Solving Our Dogs Tummy Problems

This post may be TMI, but I know I was doing A LOT of googling when my pups were having tummy troubles, so I’m putting this out there so that I might help someone else.

When we got Mikey, we bought good dog food for him from the vet.  He vomited often- like every other day.  Usually this was (sorry to be gross) a yellow, foamy bile vomit….so we switched him to a sensitive stomach food-which didn’t help much.

I took him to the vet and $250 in vet bills later, I was told he had acid reflux and to make sure he ate regularly, and we could give him half a Pepcid if we wanted.  But sadly, forcing a Pepcid down him didn’t help much either.  He was still getting sick once or twice a week.

Over time, we switched brands of sensitive stomach food hoping that would help.  Nothing ever did.

When we got Pippin, we found out that he was getting sick too!  The same thing- yellow foamy liquid a few times a week.  So gross and so sad for them to be sick all the time.

Again, I switched foods- but the boys were still sick.  Tyler was convinced that something in our house must be making them sick- some chemical in the carpet or something….but I couldn’t fix it.

Well, I got fed up.

So I chatted with the folks at on their helpful chat about my dogs’ troubles.  We talked about switching them to a grain-free limited ingredient diet. The helpful folks at Chewy helped me pick out a food that was similar in taste to what my dogs like, and also not too expensive. And OMG- it’s helped!  We have been on it for 3 weeks, and NO ONE HAS GOTTEN SICK IN THREE WEEKS! PRAISE THE LORD!

But then I started thinking about treats- but I’m SO glad that Chewy also offers grain free treats!  This month, for being a blogger, I was given a bag of grain-free Greenies to try.  Now, my boys LOVE regular Greenies- so I was hoping they would like these too.  And they gobbled them up!




So I would encourage you in this- while so many people are talking about gluten free and grain free as fads for people (which I don’t agree with, my mom has a gluten sensitivity), maybe consider switching your dogs to grain free or gluten free food.  Grain free means there is no wheat, corn, rice or other grains.  Gluten free is just wheat free.  See what works for your pet.  The folks at will be happy to chat with you and help you decide.

This much I know: going grain free has changed our dogs.  They are not only NOT VOMITING (WOOHOO!), but they have more energy, are more playful, and seem to be more alert.  And bonus for me- I’m not cleaning up dog vomit every other day.

So now I’m signed up for auto deliver so I get this food delivered to my door without having to reorder.  So easy- and there’s a discount for auto delivery! is a great site where you can shop for pet food (dogs and cats), treats, bowls, leashes, grooming stuff, medicine, and toys – basically anything you can get a big pet store.  Except, you can have it shipped right to your door – and shipping is free with orders over $49.  There’s no sales tax (unless you live in FL, NV, or PA), and they even have auto-ship options for those products you need regularly.  They even offer 24/7 online chat if you need help. So go check it out and find the food that’s best for your dog at Chewy!


  1. I just ordered these last week off amazon!!!! We are getting a dog this week from an adoption service and I’ve been researching foods for a while. I’ve heard of so many dogs getting sick from grain foods.

    • Alayna- your dogs will love them! Check them out on Chewy next time- you can get them delivered automatically. 🙂 But seriously though, I was AMAZED that no vet or anything I read talked about going grain free or limited ingredient to help them…..without the advice from Chewy my pups would still be sick. Yay for adopting dogs! 🙂

  2. Hi! Just wanted to caution you on those Greenies. They have been known to cause digestion issues and some dogs have died from eating those. Check out the reviews online and be very cautious if you are continuing to use them. The Great Lakes Mini Schnauzer Rescue I work with frowns upon them.

    By the way, your video above you posted is hilarious! Love Jimmy!!

  3. Hey Toni- do you have any of those reviews or articles showing Greenies being unsafe? We’ve used them for a while and before switching to the Grain Free Greenies, I did a bunch of research and didn’t see anything like that. I’m not doubting you- just having trouble locating such things myself. I’d love to look over the reviews and news stories about it…but just can’t find anything like that. Please share!

  4. I’ve had three dogs now that love Greenies, but I have heard they’re not recommended for certain breeds because of digestion issues, too (like greyhounds [my friend has one]). But my poodle, german shepherd, and now mutt/terrier mix or whatever loved and love them!

    I’ve been wanting to try the grain-free greenies. I wish I could afford to switch over to grain-free food for Lily, but it’s so cost-prohibitive.

    • That’s good to know about the Greenies. Yeah the grain-free food is a bit more expensive, but with the problems my boys were having…it’s been worth it. I’m hoping as it gets more popular the cost will come down.

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