Solving Problems

Like most of you, we have “hot spots” in our house that just seem to get cluttered.  It seems like I implement a new system…which works for a while…but I feel like I’m still always straightening up those areas and fighting the clutter.

One of those areas was our mudroom.  We did get shelving in there a while back, but the pile of stuff that now lives in the mudroom grew by leaps and bounds after Tyler closed the shop.  I understand some of that stuff “living” in the mudroom now…but I also use that room for laundry and at-home workouts.

So I’m looking for some systems to solve some problems.  We are hitting up Ikea this weekend and I’m going to try and tackle the mudroom/laundry issue, the linen closet, and our closet.  I think I just need some systems in place to help keeps things organized.

I’d love to hear what helps you fight the clutter.  And don’t say Fly Lady.  She’s great and I love a shiny sink like everyone else…but I need some real solutions to control the clutter.


  1. hmmm….I’ll be interested to see the tips you get. My only space saver is using those over the door shoe things for everything else but shoes. Such as in my pantry to hold spices. In my office to hold all the junk drawer stuff, on my of my closet door to hold belts and another to hold jewelry. In my laundry room, it holds the Resolve and stain stuff, the random stuff that comes out of the wash (money, collar stays, etc.) and extra lightbulbs, batteries, sprays, etc. So that’s all I got. Good Luck!

  2. Yes to the above comment! And utilize wall space as much as you can with shelves! I also did something really easy that I saw on pinterest, you tie a piece of string/ribbon onto a nail that you put high on the wall. Then you use clothespins to store things like hats, gloves, scarves, stuffed animals, etc. I’ve loved doing that!

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