A Special Surprise

I was expecting a letter from my former adviser from grad school at U of A.  But when the letter came in a padded envelope, I was a bit confused.  Even more confused when I opened it and saw a box from Underwood’s, a local jeweler.
Inside the box was a graduation gift from my professor- a beautiful U of A charm bracelet!

It has such beautiful charms!  This is a diamond charm (Arkansas is the Diamond State) and says “Diamond State” on one side and “Underwoods” on the other.

Then we have the big A.  It says “Razorbacks” in the middle.

And what would a U of A charm bracelet be without a Razorback?

This is the state of Arkansas (says so in the middle!) with a little diamond in the center.

And this is Old Main, an iconic building on campus.

I was so surprised and thankful to get such a special gift.  This is a wearable memento of my hard work during grad school…and a great way to show my Razorback pride!  
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  1. Wow, what a generous professor…and congrats!

  2. what a sweet gift!! love it!

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