Spending My Christmas Money

So I got a bit of Christmas money as gifts this year. We did get several gift cards for restaurants…so we will be having date nights on our family for quite some time. But I got some cash that I decided to spend today.
I was going to use the money for regular bills and such, and Tyler told me that was unacceptable, that the money should be used for fun things for me! 🙂 So shopping I went…
My first stop was a boutique here in town called Masons. Now, their stuff is overpriced and most of it is a size 2. But I LOVE their jewelry (and its reasonable priced for nice-ish jewelry) and they carry TOMS shoes. I thought maybe I would get a new pair of TOMS and some jewelry.
Well, they were having a post-Christmas sale, and I browsed the clothing racks. I have never been able to buy clothing there. I have tried it on the past only to not be able to get things buttoned, zipped or over my hips. However, today, I tried on a cute wool coat, and IT FIT! I guess one of the perks to weight loss is being able to shop for cute clothes at trendy boutiques!
So I got this coat for a ridiculously cheap price! It was originally $132…and was marked down to $88…and I got it for $44! Yup. Cheaper than an Old Navy coat I have.

(Ps. I can button the coat, but it looks like a military uniform or something button. Much cuter open.)
I also got a cute pearl and gold long necklace and earrings set.
Then on my way home, I was driving past this fun thrift store in town and decided to stop. They always have the craziest funniest things there (like a velour round bed!) and its fun to look around. Well, one booth had Fiestaware! And I got… these salt and pepper shakers. They are lighter color than my Sunflower pieces, but they look in too good of condition to be (the old) yellow…not sure. But I sure did get them cheap! If they are old yellow, they are a new color for me. If they are sunflower, they aren’t. Either way, I like them.

I also got this white pasta bowl. I didn’t have any Fiesta white, so this is a new color and a new piece for me.
And this is a Juniper chop plate. When I bought it, I just thought it was a dinner plate. Juniper is a new color for me, and for that price, I couldn’t pass it up. However, once I got home, I realized it is bigger than the dinner plate, and found out this is called a chop plate. So new color and piece for me. 🙂 Score. This Juniper is like a dark teal color. Its so pretty in person.

All the pieces are in really great condition. The lady at the thrift store said that whole booth was full of hundreds of pieces of Fiesta about a month ago, and that a few pieces at a time, its been being bought. I wish I could have seen it all! But, I’m super glad with what I stumbled upon!
I had so much fun shopping today. I am proud I’ve lost enough weight to buy boutique clothes again….and I love my new Fiesta!


  1. The ruffles on that jacket are oh-so cute! I must check out that store.

    And I love that juniper color, especially for dinnerware!

  2. I love the jacket, yay for being able to stop at fun places like that!

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