Spirit Week and More Fall Fun

Spirit Week and More Fall Fun

We had a very eventful week between Remi’s school having spirit week and just having some more fall fun.

We bought a pumpkin to paint with my life group but missed the party when Remi was sick, so we decided to paint it (over and over again thanks to washable finger paints!).

She LOVES painting this pumpkin. Keeping it until it rots because the paints just wash right off.

For spirit week, she had crazy hair day, but was much too excited to pose for a picture!

They also had a mismatch day and neon day (which I didn’t photograph), and then they got to wear costumes for a Halloween party!

I was worried about her wearing her real costume all day, so she wore her Minnie Mouse dress!  The cutest little mouse!

Friday was black and orange day! She was pretty excited.

We had a busy Saturday taking family pictures with Tyler’s family and then Remi missed her nap, so we just hung out at home (I was REALLY hoping for a pumpkin patch visit, but without a nap, it wasn’t a great idea).

Sunday, she wore her pretty Halloween dress!

And she CRACKED US UP taking pictures before school Monday morning. This outfit is from last year, but still fit great.

She was in a funny mood posing for her pictures.

We did more pumpkin painting, some 4 wheeler rides and lots of looking at deer photos from the game cameras with daddy.

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