Our girl LOVES the water. “Spash!” is her favorite word.  We attempted the water park a few weeks ago when they did their police family night, but the kid’s area was closed. So we got rain checks and went back when cousin Luke was in town.  I didn’t get any pics of them (because it was the water park and I didn’t have my phone with me most of the time), but they had fun together.

Luke is so sweet with Remi, and he held her for like an entire trip around the lazy river and played with her in the wave pool.

But her fave was the kid’s area. She was SO BRAVE and took off up the stairs to the slides.  She came down them alone and was so brave.

The water was deeper than I thought- coming up to her waist. She was a little nervous walking around because in Mimi’s pool there’s a drop off at the edge where she falls in….so she was careful walking around.

She loved walking up to the slides!

This slide was pretty fast with a big splash at the end, so daddy helped slow her down a little. 

Her favorite thing was when no one was waiting to slide next and she could waller around at the bottom. 

She’s also a big fan of anything that splashes water.

We will hopefully make another trip to the water park before summer ends. She was a big fan.

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