That word up there- I’m not very good at it.  I like plans.  I like knowing ahead of time what I’ll be doing so I’ll be prepared.  I sort of hate surprises.  While I appreciate the care that goes into surprising me, and I usually like the surprise, something deep inside me gets upset that I didn’t know and couldn’t be fully prepared.  I know, I’m crazy.
Monday are good days around here.  Both Tyler and I get off work at 4 and we make plans.  One week we went to eat with the blue hairs.  One week, I made lasagna.  This week, we were going to cook a good dinner and finish our pre-party cleaning.  So I came home at 4:40ish and Tyler calls.  He is 15 minutes away and is going to Bentonville (1.5 hours away) to buy a bike.  Ok, great.  Have fun.  Well, he REALLY wants me to go too.  That means all the evening plans are out the window and we won’t be home until 11ish.  I gave in.
We drove the 1.5 hours to Bentonville, met a guy at his house, Tyler bought the bike, we ate dinner and drove home.
And wouldn’t you know, it turned out pretty great?!  Good times in the car talking and laughing.
And while I would have loved to have eaten somewhere special, we didn’t get to eat until 8:30 at night, and we didn’t want to wait for a meal and didn’t want to go out of our way since we were going to be home so late.
So I took Tyler to one of my favorite NWA fast-ish spots to eat: The Pinnacle Station Local Market!  
It is right behind the Promenade outdoor mall…and everytime I went to the mall I would eat there!  Its inside a gas station, but you would never know once you got inside!  
Would you ever think you were inside a gas station?  Didn’t think so!
Inside is a wonderful gourmet market, and they make artisan pizzas, have a FABULOUS salad bar, gelato, and more!  We both had salad and pizza.  And it was yummy. 
Amazing Pizza!  This is their pizza picture from their website!
I am so glad I’m trying to be more spontaneous…it paid off last night with a strange sort of date night with Tyler.
Do you like plans or being spontaneous?  Please tell me I’m not entirely crazy…

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