A Spooktacular (and quiet) Night!

In honor of Halloween, I gave myself a crazy manicure!  They are the Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail stickers…so easy to use!  I’m in love!

I bought some candy for Halloween (one bag was almost gone before the big day…thanks honey!) not knowing if we would have trick or treaters.  Well, we had none.
I had our little light up pumpkin and porch light on, some ghost/pumpkins all lit up in the yard…pumpkin lights on our garage…and no trick or treaters came.  Sad day.
But we did have a nice little quiet night at home.
I made some Halloween food (mummy dogs via pinterest), guacamole, squash, and some chocolate caramel apple slices and me, Tyler and Nancy (my MIL) ate dinner and carved a pumpkin.
Tyler carved LEE in the side!  It looked so good!

We decided against using a stencil because we knew no one but us would see it (and why go to all the trouble of intricate carving when a silly face is just as fun?)….we just gave this little guy a silly face (including two different kinds of eyes!).
He was supposed to have fangs, but when I tried to remove the mouth, the fangs came along with it!  Ooops!

We enjoyed a low-key evening.  We topped it off by watching Wall Street from Netflix (I want to see the new one…so we watched the old one first).  However, my HUGE problem: no DVD player in the living room…so when we get to the bed to watch, I fall asleep!  I probably saw a total of 45 random minutes of the movie last night and couldn’t tell you much of what happened!  Oops again! 🙂
We are going to HAVE to move the DVD player from the guest bedroom to the living room so I can watch movies and not fall asleep.  I just have my body so trained to lay in bed and sleep….I just can’t stay awake once I lay down and get all cozy.
Happy November! 

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