Spring Awakening

Well, last night I had the opportunity to see Spring Awakening. It is a musical based on an old German play…and it is all about being a teenager- tough school, dumb parents, and most of all- exploring sex.
While it was SUPER racy and opened the envelope (not just pushed it), it was so great. The production aspects were really neat. Some audience members sat on the stage, and some chorus members sat amongst them. The chorus would stand and sing and sit back down. The cast was small, and played multiple roles. They climbed the walls, jumped around, and interacted with the set and stage. The band was onstage, so you could see the musicians. The actors were really talented and the songs (written by 90s popular musician Duncan Sheik) were great too.

Once we got over the shock of the sex talk and sex scenes…yes we saw boobs and butt….we were mesmerized at how different and wonderful it was. Found this online, but these were the two main characters we saw tonight!
Mom was supposed to come up and see it with me, but she got sick. So a grad school friend Mary came with me. And I know mom HATED missing the play (and a chance to come for a visit) Mary LOVED the play and it was a great time for us to hang out outside of school gatherings and class and work.

Laveda also saw the play tonight, so we all rode there together. And afterwards, we went across the street to a coffee shop to talk and we split a dessert. We were celebrating. I got my research approval from the IRB to start my thesis research!!! It was cause for celebration for sure! This is Mary, Laveda and me!
It was such a fun night! Looking forward to the rest of the weekend!

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