Start of Vacation: Jessica’s Wedding

Start of Vacation: Jessica’s Wedding

We got back from Las Vegas on Sunday…so I’m ready to share all of our vacation details with you!  Be prepared for a couple week’s of coverage.  I took a TON of pictures!

Back when we were planning our big Vegas Vacation and looking at the calendar, I tried to make everything work.  In October, we had my friend Jessica’s wedding, a weekend in Dallas for Hanson concerts…and we wanted to fit our vacation in there too.

The best way to make it work was to go to Dallas for Jessica’s wedding and head out to Vegas from there.  So that’s what we did!

We got up early Saturday to pick up a rental car and drove to Dallas.

We got to Arlington just in time for the wedding.  Jessica was a BEAUTIFUL bride!

We were best friends in high school and we were freshman roommates at college- so I was so happy to be there to watch her get married!

Our youth minister from high school was there too- and we had a great time catching up.  Here’s me, Jessica, and Tad (our minister).


Of course, I had to take a picture with my handsome date. 🙂


I got to see some sweet friends from college, too.  LOVED hugging their necks and hearing about life.12094748_864778430753_7427873138451255109_o

And since there were 4 of us Tri Chis at the wedding, we busted out the Tri Chi wedding song!  Since we are old now, we don’t get the chance to sing it often, but we remembered it!



After the wedding, we headed to the airport, dropped off the car, and got checked in.  We had just enough time for a quick meal at TGI Fridays while we watched the Hog game.  We landed in Vegas around 10 pm and got to our hotel in time for bed!

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