Success and the Scale

Success and the Scale

Truth be told, my weight loss efforts have been hit or miss lately.  I was doing well…then we went to NYC and I threw caution calorie counting to the wind and enjoyed myself.  Then I was great for a couple weeks.  Then it was my birthday (read: EAT ALL THE THINGS), and then I was sick and ravenous from steroids. (Excuses excuses…but that’s life!)
Well, I’m back on the wagon, so to speak…and I’m working on losing my weight 2 pounds at a time.  I’m taking it in smaller increments because 2 pounds is doable.  I can lose 2 pounds.  I can make small sacrifices to lose those 2 pounds…then I can do it again. 🙂
However, I wanted to blog some thoughts that I shared in my Zumba class last night about success and the scale.
I had a woman come to me before class saying she had been working out for a month or so now, and she wasn’t seeing the scale move. What should she be doing different?  Well…here is my response:
The scale is ONE method of measuring success on this journey.  Some other ways include taking measurements, checking blood work (A1C levels, cholesterol), checking resting heart rate, monitoring your endurance levels, testing how many push ups/sit ups can you do, etc.
Sure, the scale seems to matter most…but think of it this way –
If you had a child, and your ONE MOST IMPORTANT measure of success for that child was whether or not they could read…you would consider them a failure for 5 years.  However, you know for that child there are MANY small successes toward that.  Can they crawl?  Can they walk?  Do they say “yes ma’am”?  Are they kind?  There are SO many successes for that child.
Well, the same goes for you! There are SO many successes for you.  Success might be losing a pound, but it might take a while.  Success may mean that you prioritized time to workout today.  Or you picked a healthy option at lunch.  Or it might mean your cholesterol levels are healthy.  Or any number of factors.
I have blogged before about breaking up with the scale…and while I am currently weighing myself regularly, it does NOT master me any longer.  I know about crying in your closet because nothing fits.  I know about WANTING THAT DADGUM NUMBER ON THAT STUPID SCALE TO MOVE.  But I also know that there are many measurements of success.
There is more to life/success/your happiness than that little glass box in your bathroom.  Don’t let it be your everything.  You wouldn’t hate your child because they can’t read….don’t hate your body because you haven’t lost weight.  Success does not always equal the scale going down.
What is something you measure when you’re attempting a healthier lifestyle?  I’d love to hear your thoughts about this…


  1. It is SO hard getting back on the bandwagon! I totally hear you on that. I was doing so well and then totally used excuse after excuse while I was pregnant and gained a whole lot more than what I wanted. I’ve been beating myself up over not losing more, but I keep having to remind myself what my body has been through in the past year. And that even when/if I reach my goal, my body probably still won’t look like it did before. I’m trying to focus on a whole lot of goals rather than a number! But as you know, it’s tough!

  2. i love this. way to go! small steps/success matter and i’m glad you’re reminding everyone of that.

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