Such a Funny Little Girl

Such a Funny Little Girl

Remi is such a funny little girl. She gets herself into silly situations, and I’m not always sure she knows how funny she’s being.

One afternoon, she tried jumping off her storage containers and Daddy told her no. But he said, “Now if you want to jump off you’re table, that’s another story…” So guess where she went…straight to the table.  And that brave little girl jumped off!


She has figured out how to make a stage anywhere in our house-her step stool!  We have regular evening dance parties, and she brought the stool in it to dance on!


I was trying to take her picture because she was wearing an outfit that one of my friends gave me.  She sat in the box and said, “Momma take my picture! I’m a package!” Silly girl!


She’s just a hoot!

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