Such Fun Lately

Such Fun Lately

We’ve just been having SO much fun with our big girl lately.

She’s really getting into imaginative play, being creative and just playing. And I LOVE it.

She has really been digging her princess getup lately. And this day was extra funny.  Early morning.  She had watched an episode of Daniel Tiger (with Prince Wednesday) so she declared herself Princess Friday.


She and Daddy made a HUGE tower with ALL the blocks!


She dug this little smocked dress out of our “too small” pile (which, turns out, it still fits but it’s more of a shirt/tunic now than a dress ha!), declared it her Princess dinner dress, and then she set a table for us.

She put a tablecloth down (a “table blanket”) put her baby doll down with a bib, made me sit down and she got food out for us.  We did lots of pretend eating, drinking and saying “yummm”


Blue is her FAVORITE color.  She always wants a blue bow.  And this day, she got her backpack full of toys, put it on and was ready to go with Daddy.


And thank goodness, it’s been nicer out, so we’ve done LOTS of backyard swinging and jumping and sliding.  This particular day, she thought it was too bright and needed her sunglasses.  Her little face and nose are almost too small for the glasses, but she looks like a little diva with them on!


This season of life is just SO fun!

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