Suffering, or the lack thereof.

I often tell people how blessed we are. I mean it, too. Not to brag, but life is awesome for us. I feel like I should add a “right now” at the end of that sentence. We are healthy, happily married, have a beautiful home. Tyler’s business is doing well. I landed my dream job. I also get to do what I love doing Zumba. We have cars that run, and Tyler has 3 of them at the moment! Our family is doing pretty well. We are blessed.
This sign hangs in my cubicle at work.  Truth.
On Sunday, our pastor preached a message on suffering. It was how to deal with suffering in your life. He spoke about how we often grow closer to God in times of suffering. Now I’m not naïve, I know we will have tough times. A sick family member, marital issues. Health issues, money issues, something will come. This time of blessing is undeserved, and I know that the Lord will give and take away. However, I don’t want to NOT learn and grow in the Lord simply because life is great.
And honestly, I haven’t been the best at growing and seeking Him as of late.
So I’m changing it. I’m praising God in my sunshine as well as my storm. I’ve had storms, this is for sure. And I’m not asking for a storm. I am happy in life. But I am trying to seek the Lord even though it seems like I don’t “need” Him right now. But that is so far from the truth. I need Him daily. I just have to remember to seek His voice, His will, His truth. I am starting a new devotional book thsi week. It isn’t anything special. It’s a little devo book I picked up at the Bible book store a while ago. But I’m on a chapter on leadership, and how Jesus is our shepherd. We have to submit to his leadership. We have to recognize it, ask for it, and submit to it. I’m not great at submission, but right now, I’m praying to grow closer to Him and hear his voice, even if life is hunky dory. I’m looking forward to learning from this new study. And I know when the storm comes, I will be ready, because I will be right where the Lord wants me.


  1. Hey Brittney!! My name is Misty. I’m from Fort Smith and found your blog through Kelly’s Korner awhile back. I’ve been following sometime, but have never commented. This post really spoke to me. Last night I started reading an ebook I got for free. It’s about growing closer to God and in the introduction the author asks…what is becoming between you and God. So, last night and this morning I have been reflecting on this question. I’ve thought of a couple of things, but I’m sure there is more and I’m praying that God would reveal those to me. Thanks for your post!!!

    • Misty- thank you for your comment! What a great question to ask ourselves. I hope that you are able to push those things aside and grow closer to God! I’m working on it too!

  2. I love this post Brittney! Very encourging! Thanks for posting! We have to learn to grow closer to the Lord no matter what your circumstances are!

  3. Hi Brittany,
    I just started reading your blog the other day and am loving it so far! I especially love this post because it is Oh. So. True. It seems like we have no problem going to God during our hard times, but when things are going well, we tend to back off a little – at least I do. What a great reminder to go to Him – ALWAYS! Thank you!

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