Summer Family Fun

Summer Family Fun

We have had some awesome summer fun, most of which is wonderful old-fashioned tech-free fun.

We’ve had some nights where we declared no technology and just played together. It’s been awesome.

We have been doing LOTS of sidewalk chalk in our driveway, and we love to do our body outlines! I loved our little family lined up.


I LOVE to watch Remi’s art skills develop.  This was “Elsa” She was digging out all the icy blues and trying to draw a dress.


We also had some fun digging for dinosaurs in this fun kit from our friend Nash’s birthday. It was a sort of hard dirt egg that we chipped away at. We found that some water sprayed made it easier to dig him out. Remi was TOTALLY into it. And then we did the dinosaur tattoos that came with the kit, too.


We are also loving all being together in the mornings again (yay for daddy’s school schedule!) and we enjoyed watching the sunrise one morning before me and Remi scooted off to work/school.


She prompted us to take a picture. We call ourselves the Three Musketeers! I love when she grabs us close for pics. So sweet.


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