Summer Loving

Summer Loving

We are loving summer. The weather has been unusually cool, so we’ve spent more time outside than we usually get to in mid-July. We’ve stayed up late swimming. We’ve visited new parks. We’ve been just loving summer.

One of my biggest loves is this girl and her unique personality. She’s girly and princessy, but she loves her cars, dinos and police cars. She had to take her cars outside to “cheese” before church.


We’ve spent extra time with our cousins- which makes us VERY happy.  Remi LOVES her cousins. They each come up to spend one-on-one time with my mom, and we’ve gotten extra time with them.

Remi ADORES Luke, and he tolerates her. ha!


And when the cousins come to play, we swim, and they totally indulge her in whatever she wants…including shoulder rides around the pool.


Daddy has worked not-ideal hours (2nd shift during the week) so we go days without quality time with him. But we took full advantage of a Saturday morning together and Daddy took her on an 8 am 4-wheeler ride. In her pajamas.


We finally convinced her to watch Toy Story (she’s pretty opinionated on movies), and then my mom bought her a Buzz Lightyear. He’s “Buzz baby” and he gets to sit and eat, and she loves him.


Buzz also had to wear matching pajamas and he got to sleep in Remi’s tent at bedtime.


The weather was gorgeous and 80 degrees on a Sunday afternoon, so we went to her favorite park (the one with the big blue swing! she will say).  I love these partner swings. She never wants to use them, but this day she did, and I loved it.  Watching her giggle as we swing together is the best!


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